Services & Staff
Services Dr. Erickson Provides

Dr, Erickson is a board certified internal medicine doctor who provides care to all individuals 18 years and older. Please feel free to call (218) 732-7760 to call an make an appointment with Dr. Erickson. 

You should also consider adding key information such as:
  • annual wellness exams
  • yearly physicals
  • office visits
  • walk in visits
  • colonoscopies
  • egds
  • Pre op physicals
  • immunizations 
  • Lab work
Services Jessica Wirth Provides

Jessica provides care to all individuals of all ages. She specializes in womens health. She was also certified as a colposcopist. Feel free to call and schedule an appointment at (218) 732-7760 for any of the below needed health care and if not listed please feel free to ask if she provides that service. 

  • womens health specialty
  • Adolesent care
  • well child visit
  • annual wellness visits
  • walk in exams
  • yearly exams
  • colposcopies
  • all forms of contraception
  • Sport physicals
  • Pre op physicals 
  • Family health
  • immunzations
  • lab
  • referrals to specialists
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Meet The Team
  1. Janet
    Office Manager
  2. Donna
  3. Michelle
  4. Cheryl
    Lab Tech
  5. Karen
  6. Kathy
    Office Assistant